About Us


We focus on providing the highest quality services in the market. Thanks to our pro-client approach to our customers, after trying our services, they repeatedly come to us. The success of every company and individual depend on their partners and this is why HUMANex company was arose. Our main aim is long-term cooperation and satisfaction of our partners providing the co-operation at the highest level.

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Pro-client approach

Communication between the client and the supplier of services is the most important element of cooperation. We are in touch with our clients Continously and deal with their Inputs immediately. We are Progressing constantly and Improving our innovative Services. The customer is at the First place and the process of The company is adapted to it.


The most important part of our company is you – our partner. Your main concern is to get Quality employees and our only concern is to provide them for you. Win-win strategy was developed in 80s at Harvard and it became the most important value of our company.


Needs of our partners Vary and this is why we adapt the way of work to each client and also selection process of employees. Thanks to this, we are able to find the most appropriate candidates and provide Customer support of high quality.

Our mission

Providing to our clients high-quality services and to our candidates opportunities of good employment, education and development.

Our vision

  • To become important member of personal agencies on international market.
  • Be reliable partner to our clients, to be a leader in innovations and in quality of service-providing.
  • To provide our employees benefits, education and opportunity of personal development.