Catering Humanex


Cooks of HUMANex company can be found in hotel kitchens ss well as in prestigious restaurants. There are two kinds of cooks according to the requirements and demands of prepared meals. If necessary, you can select chefs who have been in the past, the restaurant chefs and your guests prepare dishes from the à la carte menu , as well as assistant cook to prepare simple dishes.

Advantages of cooperation
  • our trained supervisors with years of experience will take care of the management of daily tasks
  • many years of experience in gastronomy and organisation of VIP events for celebrities or events for hundreds of employees
  • cooperation with cooks, that has been working as chefs in restaurants and are experienced at food preparation from À la carte menu
  • there is a possibility to choose helping cook, that will help your cook
Banketing Humanex


More than 200 waitresses 6000 hours worked per month and experience with serving world-famous people such as prince Harry from England, members of foreign governments or world singers or actors define our company as respected leader in the field of providing personal service for hotel business as well as sector HORECA. We provide our service to more than 15 hotels in Bratislava and surrounding.

Advantages of cooperation
  • experienced waiters, who have to pass theoretical and practical interview tests
  • regular trainings for waiters in prestigious 4* and 5* hotels in Bratislava
  • innovations in service delivery, that lower administrative and time costs of your employees
  • communication by means of specialised information system, in which you have overview of your orders
  • established system of team leaders, that help your managers
Housekeeping Humanex


Ladies working in HUMANex who keep cleanness for our clients are chosen by trained supervisor with experience in field of housekeeping. After successful completing of prepare simple dishes.

Advantages of cooperation
  • we train our chambermaids to clean hotel rooms according to 4* and 5* hotels standards in our training centre
  • innovation in delivering services that lower administrative and time costs of your employees
  • we take care of cleanliness of your hotel by trained supervisors with long term experience in housekeeping
  •   Pražská 11, Bratislava,
         Slovak Republic
  •   +421 948 608 534
  •   +421 949 550 240
  •   info@humanex.sk

We are APAS members


Personal agency HUMANex is a member of Alliance of personal agencies of Slovakia. It is association of legal entities operating in the field of providing personal services. The aim is to protect the rights and the interests of Alliance members and promote the development of fair competition in labour market.

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